How To Capture More Leads From Your Website

How To Capture More Leads From Your Website

A website is an important business tool and every business uses its website differently. Some use it to make instant revenue through eCommerce sales while others use it to make leads, phone calls, or physical location visits. There is one thing that each business requires to accomplish with its site leveraging it to create more growth. There’re many ways to increase your leads, revenue, and sales without investing in a complete redesign and rebuild. Here’re 10 hacks that you should consider trying while easy, they can potentially help your business grow importantly.

Perform A Conversion Audit

Are you positive your site is designed to convert traffic? The truth is many web design companies are best at creating appealing websites, but they are not conversion rate experts. Having a full-blown conversion audit performed is well worth the little out-of-pocket cost.

Five Tools to Help You Audit Your Web Content

If you can classify issues and make changes to correct them before launching marketing campaigns it’ll decrease wasted advertising spending and give you a stronger base to start with. You’ll always be split testing and optimizing starting with a solid base will help you reach those desirable conversion numbers faster.

Use Call Tracking

If you’re using multiple traffic sources to generate phone calls, it’s the best idea to send each source to dedicated landing pages featuring perfect phone numbers. By using call tracking you can determine what sources produced the most phone calls and since your call tracking numbers will route directly to your main phone number there will not be a disturbance in how your phone leads are handled. Most call tracking services will record all of the calls, which is best for determining whether lead quality or your sales staff requires to be addressed.

Identify Where Visitors Are Scrolling to And Clicking

When you know where your site visitors are and are not clicking it can help you to reposition your provides from dead zones to areas that attract clicks. A heat map tool like crazy egg, will not only show you where the clicks are happening but also what traffic or referral source is producing them. This equipment also shows you how far down your pages your visitors are scrolling. This lets you test multiple calls to action locations and know for sure which ones are being clicked and viewed. You cannot easily throw a couple of provides on your website and sit back assuming the conversions will just roll in. Insight into where your visitors are viewing and where they’re clicking gives you strong data that may be used to convert more traffic.

Analyze Your Google Analytics Data

When you know what traffic and sources are net producing conversions and what your traffic is doing before converting it lets you make important changes. Imagine if you were able to identify that the majority of your social media traffic did not convert. You can then allocate your social media budget to the channels that were producing results. What if you were able to recognize that the majority of your conversions were engaging with your blog before converting? You can raise your content count and use distribution outlets like Outbrain and Taboola to attract even more traffic to your blog. When you entirely understand your Google Analytics data it will aid you to remove poorly performing traffic sources and scale up the marketing efforts that are driving the highest percentage of conversions.

Install Live Chat

Many business owners assume that live chat is only best for websites that are trying to generate eCommerce sales. Sure, answering pre-purchase questions can help save sales and chat operators can push customers toward the sale, but every website can advantage of this easy tool. Think of a restaurant that’s trying to generate reservations and physical location visits. Live chat can assist facilitate those reservations and can help with small things like clarification of directions. The majority of chat services will integrate with mobile phones so even a business like a restaurant may have a worker monitoring the live chat. This’s the cheapest cost option that can produce noticeable results

Create Great Content

Best website content nurtures lead relationships by persuading shoppers to click through your website pages, e-mails, or web forms. These incremental opt-ins offer great information about your lead while helping them build a relationship with your brand, raise their comfort level, and make purchases. New content may be in the form of deals and discounts, customer testimonials, How-To articles, and case studies the sky’s the limit. How do you know if your content is best? Review the data to know which pages people are clicking on or bouncing from. The analytics info will suggest opportunities to update current content to be additional compelling (pages with a high bounce rate) or add more content (on famous pages) to persuade site visitors to stay. Digging through the data is a perfect way to get an unbiased opinion on which direction your content will take.

Drive More Traffic

Driving more traffic to your website increases the odds of capturing extra leads, however, you want to ensure you’re driving the right people to your site. Make a profile of your ideal client that articulates their challenges and goals. This’s where your content becomes key. Targeted content will drive the right traffic to your website. Share content on your site, social networks, newsletters, and other marketing communications that will inform, engage, or help your consumer and keep them clicking on your site. Use paid advertising on channels your clients regularly use to promote those best pieces of content. Implement search engine optimization (SEO) on your website, but approach keyword research for your ideal consumer tapping keywords into a search engine. Do not forget to analyze your results. By analyzing keywords or content pieces that generated further leads than others, you’re developing a comprehensive profile of your ideal customer and can make the same content to persuade them to click again.

Include Testimonials and Trust Signals

If your site visitors trust your business, they’re going to be more possible to make purchases and submit their info. Including testimonials from consumers or notable industry partners is a perfect way to build trust. Showcasing awards, recognition, or accreditations like the great Business Bureau will also help to create your visitors feel comfortable doing business with you. Whatever you do, do not include fake testimonials. They may be spotted a mile away and will instantly make your potential customer distrust your brand.

Switch to Simple Flat Fonts

If you look at some of the landing pages that generate many leads daily, you’ll notice that they’re all very easy when it comes to the font they use. Check out this landing page from GEICO and you’ll see how basic the fonts are. The company spends a fortune on paid search ads, if that style did not work it would not be using it. Another reason you should use easy fonts is that they display nicely on all devices mobile, desktop, and tablet.

Deliver Your Message with An Explainer Video

Sometimes you need to grab the attention of your visitor differently. Customers can become immune to certain providers, so you need to introduce clever ways to grab their attention. Using an explainer video on your website or landing page to describe your product or service can help your conversion number shoot through the roof. A successful explainer video will educate, captivate, and entertain the viewer. If you’re going to go this route, make sure you have a quality video made. If it’s poorly produced, you’re going to push your visitors away. Be sure the quality is a direct reflection of your brand.

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