5 Keys To A Winning Website For Law Firms

5 Keys To A Winning Website For Law Firms

5 Keys To A Winning Website For Law Firms

As a law firm, you know that having a website is critical to your success. But what makes a winning website? Here are 5 keys to creating a website that will help you stand out from the competition and win more clients.

Make It Easy To Find Information

Make it easy to find information. Your potential clients should be able to find what they need on your website quickly and easily. When a person needs a service or product typically they run to the internet and plug in what they’re looking for in a search engine…..generally Google.  To ensure your website captivates their attention it is important to put important information front and center.  Right off the bat they should know what kind of law firm you are and how you can help them.  If that information is not visible as soon as the visitor lands on your site, you can bet they will lose interest and mosey on over to the next website until they find a site that immediately relates to them.  The information a visitor sees needs to immediately capture their attention and give them hope that your law firm is where they need to be.  For instance, if you are a family law attorney, the very first thing they should see is Family Law Attorney followed by what services you offer.  If the first thing that pops up is just “attorney”, then they are required to put in some work and see if you are an attorney who handles their particular case, and let’s face it, in the digital age everything is supposed to be easy with minimal to no work really invested by the user.  So if you’re wanting to convert website visitors to consultations, then they shouldn’t have to work to see if you can help them.

Design It With Your Audience In Mind

Design it with your audience in mind. Your website should reflect your firm’s unique brand and style, while still being professional and polished. It’s important to create a positive first impression for potential clients visiting your site. For instance, if you are a criminal defense attorney, and your bread and butter is DWI cases, you need to make sure that when someone is in a situation where they need an attorney, they immediately think of you. Your website should show that DWI cases are your specialty, it’s where your firm’s focus is, and that is what your firm is known for. Your website should be designed as if a person recently charged with a DWI is looking at your website. Don’t focus on how pretty your site is or how cool the colors are. Put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes and visit your site through their eyes. Does this website tell them I can help them? Does this website show to them I am experienced and have a good success rate? Does this website build a virtual trust with them? Do they have several avenues to reach me or just a simple contact form and a phone number? Remember, legal cases are primary built on impulse and emotions. They are quick to call when they need help, if they trust you can help them. A good rule of thumb is, if they are not talking to you, they are talking to another attorney.

Use Quality Content

Use quality content. High quality, relevant content is key when it comes to attracting online traffic and keeping visitors engaged. Be sure to regularly update your site with fresh, relevant content that showcases your expertise in the law industry. This is a great tool for several reasons. The content you create gives you an opportunity to create various links throughout your website, keeping the visitor engaged and clicking through your website building that virtual trust I mentioned earlier. The more a visitor clicks through your site and the longer they stay on your site communicates with Google that your website has good information and is relevant to what that user searched. This is great for SEO. In addition, whatever content you create and add to your website, you are able to repurpose. You can take the content and share it on social media, you can create and e-book, or even print out your content and use as a mailer. One piece of content can be used in so many ways, but you have to ensure your content is relevant, educational, and built for your audience.

Keep It Current

Keep it current. An outdated or poorly designed website can actually hurt your law firm rather than help it. Make sure you keep up with the latest web design trends and technologies so that you stay competitive online. If a visitor comes to your website and it has zero content, poorly designed, zero navigation, and doesn’t express how YOU out of all other law firms can help them, there’s no sense in even having a website. Your website is your virtual business card, except this has a lot more power and reaches a lot more people. Think about this…you hand your business card out to how many people a day? Your website is being handed out to several people a day, all with the possibility of turning those people into clients for your law firm. So, if you hand someone a crumpled-up business card with no information on how it relates to their issue, your business card is going into the trash. The same applies with your website. If your website doesn’t have the element of connecting that person’s problem to your solution, you might as well crumble up your website and toss it in the trash, too. So current, updated information on your website posted frequently is a winning key.

Invest In SEO

Invest in Search Engine Optimization. When it comes to digital marketing for law firms, SEO optimization is one of the most important investments you can make. Search engine optimization helps your website rank higher in search engine results pages, making it more likely that potential clients will find you when they are looking for legal services. In addition to helping you attract new clients; SEO can also improve the overall design and user experience of your website. By working with a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO for lawyers, you can ensure that your website is designed to be both user-friendly and search engine friendly. Investing in SEO optimization is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy for law firms.

Your website is the face of your law firm. It’s where people go to learn about you and what you can do for them. It needs to be well-designed, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines so that potential clients can find you online. The five keys to a winning website we’ve outlined are essential ingredients in creating an effective site that will help you attract more leads and close more cases. Are you ready to start reaping the benefits of a great website? Contact BDEC MARKETING GROUP today for a free quote and let us help you grow your law firm and really scale your business! You can schedule a free consultation here.

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