10 Must Haves For An Effective Website

10 Must Haves for an Effective Website

Well-designed websites allow entrepreneurs to engage and connect with prospective clients while serving as perfect marketing platforms. How can we use this better marketing platform for promoting our brands along with driving our company growth? Listed below are 10 important elements which every website should have:

User-Friendly Website Navigation

The most essential element for a great website is having user-friendly navigation. You may be offering great products or services in the market, yet, they would be of no use if visitors or potential clients can’t locate them. So how do you make sure the customers have simple and smooth website navigation? Your website layout requires it to be easy and reasonably organized. Moreover, prominent search and navigation tabs should be placed on top of every web page. Links to all the main pages of your site will be present on the navigation tabs.

Web Design and Layout

Eye-catching web design and layout are essential for websites, similar to how attractive merchandising is important for retail outlets. Once a potential consumer lands on your page, they take only 50 milliseconds to decide whether they need to continue browsing or stay on your site. The web design should be in line with your branding plan so that the moment a visitor visits your website. They can understand your company and its values instantly. Another essential point that requires to be considered concerning design is the usability of the site. Be sure the website is user-friendly and it offers the best user experience to the browsers. The great thing about web designing is that there’re no restrictions and you can experiment and innovate as you like. After researching your customers’ likes and dislikes you can use innovative techniques such as typography, rich animations, humorous micro-interactions, hidden menus, etc. to create the best user experience.

Responsive Design

Over the years, the increase in the number of mobile phone users has surpassed the ones using computer users. With the growing smarter technology, the internet will now be extra accessible on large devices such as TVs. To capitalize on these booming market segments, the website design must be responsive to all kinds of devices and screen space.

Content Writing

The content on the website offers essential details regarding your company and its services. To develop an impactful website. You should make sure that the web content is in line with your company’s branding plan. Conduct rigorous market research to find and identify terminologies or words, which are used by the target audience to search for exact services or products. High-quality content will make it easy for users to understand and relate to your site. Line with copywriting, your website should have the best content. All the articles on your website should be engaging, accessible to read, free from jargon (and if any, it will be explained), educative, and informative. The content should describe your services or products in a way that shows the website visitor the advantages of your products or services. It should enlighten the site visitor on why they require your services or products. Easily put, your website content is what helps your potential clients gain trust in your brand. You should combine articles with photos, videos, and infographics.

Call to Action

Be sure that your website is equipped with important Call to Action or CTA statements. These statements are beneficial for guiding visitors towards activities that are needed for performing activates such as doing online buy, availing discounts, subscribing to your newsletter or promotional emails, etc.


With the growing competition in the digital market, one of the must-haves for your site is a testimonial section. The testimonial section displays all the appreciations and comments of satisfied clients. This element is the perfect way to increase the credibility of your website. The testimonials make new visitors or consumers feel comforted and more confident about buying on your website. The testimonials may be placed on the home page itself, so visitors can view them on landing. However, there should be a separate web page, particularly for customers’ testimonials.

Social Media Integration

How does someone who is never heard of you decide if they want to do business with you? You guessed it. They try to find out if you are a trustworthy company. Perhaps they will check reviews people wrote on different websites online. Maybe they will ask their friends. One thing they’ll do is check your social profiles. Hopefully, you are actively growing your social media or paying somebody to do so.


Whether or not you sell items on your site. if you take any info whatsoever, you should have SSL. Also, be sure you are on a dedicated server. Do not go looking for a cheap hosting package (typically it is called shared hosting) This’s something your web company can help you with. On dedicated hosting, there’s a 99.9 percent chance your website will load fast than it will on shared hosting. There’re more advantages than just speed though. Shared hosting presents a plethora of other risks like you can be on same i.e. as porn sites or spam websites. Unfortunately, several people have experienced drops in rankings and finally drops in business because of this.

Search Engine Optimization

Your new website needs to get found. Your website needs SEO. Do not dump money into a new site and then do nothing to get it seen. For great results, always work with a web company that is primarily an SEO agency. Why? Well, not doing so is such as going to an auto shop to get new tires and they just give you the new tires and tell you they do not know how to install them, you will have to go somewhere else for that.

Now you are stranded at the tire shop with new tires and no way to place them on. You call around, and the other tire shops tell you that the new tires you just spent all this money on, are not even safe. They recommend you just get new tires fully. The website should have on-page optimization. Appropriate URL structure, keyword density checks, Title tags, Meta Descriptions, Alt text, content (You do not want to get slapped by Google with a thin content penalty), and the list goes on. Schema.org is something you should have. Scratch that, you need it. It helps search engines understand your website and what you do. This, in turn, helps organic rankings. It also lets your site have a cool characteristic in search results.

Contact Information

Your website must display detailed contact info prominently on your website. This is the best strategy to improve the credibility of the company

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