Why You Should Have A CRM For Your Law Firm

Why You Should Have A CRM For Your Law Firm

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the action of maintaining and creating your customer relationships in a healthy way that equals delighted clients and growing sales. CRM is the procedure or system that allows you to manage the several details, info, and data needed to build and retain those relationships. If you have intended to decide on a CRM for your law firm but just have not gotten to it yet, below are 5 key reasons to make CRM a priority. And a couple of them can surprise you.

Reason 1: Streamline Customer Contact Information and Strategies

CRM creates a centralized repository for all consumer-related info.

Without a system for collecting leads and client data, information can float around in many locations. If you are old enough to remember the days of business cards stapled into a Rolodex file, that may be the stone age of CRM. Regardless of age, most of us can relate to the nightmare of business cards, scribbled contact information, and a pile of sticky notes. You can be wrangling spreadsheets, lead lists, and pie charts in a try to capture the diverse activities related to managing clients. It can be hard, if not impossible, to connect diverse sources of info to tell a cohesive story. Customer Relationship Management platforms like keep making it possible to organize contact info, communication, revenue, customer service, and sales for tracking, reporting, and analysis all in a single system. Imagine that.

Streamline Marketing

With enhanced and consolidated data in a CRM for your law firm, you have an analytic resource at your fingertips to help you make informed marketing and sales decisions. CRM gives you a view of which leads and clients respond to individual marketing campaigns. Lead scoring can drive to concentrate on marketing activities. From a greatly customized email to a robust, long-term email strategy, your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows you to customize campaigns based on the unique customer behavior of your customers so you are investing marketing dollars where it makes sense and sales.

Information Delivery and Sharing

With such strong data and reporting consolidated in a single resource, delivering info when and where it is needed becomes much easy. Collecting all this info in your CRM calls for an organized team with a consistent procedure. Establishing this procedure and encouraging transparency between procedure owners will foster info sharing. When one area of your business procedure improves, other areas do too.

Increase Sales

CRM makes new visibility on the pipeline of leads, and current, and future customers. Consolidating customer info is helpful to maximize sales plans and activities. Streamlining communication, marketing, and sales procedures frees you to focus on what your customer values and needs. This focused effort means you are making meaningful connections with leads that are extra aligned with your services and product. Investing time and money marketing to an audience that can, or cannot become your customer is such the proverbial mud-against-the-wall approach. Leveraging Customer Relationship Management to recognize and qualify leads, focus marketing, and sales activities, and offer timely, perfect follow-up is an investment that aligns your efforts with the potential requirement of the customer, that alignment equals extra sales.

Enhance Customer Service

Automation, organization, tracking, and documentation are all characteristics that CRM can use to help you concentrate on customer service excellence. CRM will improve customer communication by capturing contact info, increasing response time, and customizing marketing to meet individual client preferences. When you establish a procedure that offers more timely, consistent communication, you will delight and retain happy clients. CRM lets you stay attuned to your customer needs, and respond strategically, and consistently. A satisfied customer is more possible to be a returning customer and to tell a friend and that equals business growth.

Why Keap?

If you are still not a Keap customer, this post will give you an idea of what is possible. If you’re already a Keap customer, this post will motivate you to continue pushing and exploring the boundaries of how you are currently using the software.

Your Current Email Marketing Provider Is One-Dimensional

Are you yet stuck in the stone age with A Weber, Constant Contact, or the like? It is time to saddle up and get ready for the bigger leagues. There is yet a lot you can pull off with these simpler tools, but they are just not as robust enough for you to scale your business.

Your Customers Are Smart

Look, you need the best data for one easy reason your customers expect perfect marketing. They expect extra personalized marketing. And if that isn’t what you are delivering, you can count on losing their interest very quickly.

You Require A Tool That Can Multiply Your Efforts

As a small business, you’ve to wear many hats. Keap operates a similar way. It wears several hats and is capable of performing many complex tasks so you do not have to. Time is money.

You Need to Accurately Track Your Lead Sources

Lead Source tracking is one of the best Keap features. At the end of each quarter and every year, you can look back and quickly calculate the new revenue, new leads, and new customers that came from specific Lead Sources. Perhaps Twitter is bringing you loads of new prospects who spend a lot of money. This is important information.

You Definitely Must Know Your Lifetime Customer Value

Also, during your annual analysis periods, you will be determining what a customer is worth to you. Keap makes this procedure a snap.

You Need Email Marketing Campaigns

Again, those old-school email marketing equipment are mostly based on easy autoresponders that send out scheduled emails at planned intervals. But those emails get delivered to everyone on your list. This isn’t targeted marketing. It is old school, and it is fast fading away.

You Need Marketing That Targets Behaviors

If a client logs into your website, that is something you should act on. If your customer has not logged into your website, that is something you should act on. Same thing for purchasing behavior, email opens, and email clicks. The future is in behavioral-based marketing. And the future is already here.

You Need A Trusted Email Provider

Most people do not think about this one, but it is very important. Keap invests many manpower and resources into ensuring that they can send your emails and be trusted by ISPs and email providers. For this reason, Keap has a lower tolerance for spamming practices by its clients. This is the best news for those of us using the software since it keeps our email deliverability rate healthy.

You Need A Company That Cares About Small Business

If you ever get a chance, it is recommended to take a trip to Keap’s office megaplex in Chandler, Arizona. The whole place is such a shrine to small businesses. They cannot be small themselves now, but you can see how essential small business is to them.

You Need Simple Integration with WordPress

Chances are best if you are using WordPress to run either your complete website or minimum your business blog. Keap plugs right into WordPress and even has a few nifty enhancements and features you can potentially program/add into the boot.

You Need A Simple Way to Capture Data About Every Customer.

This is key. Your customers are your greatest asset. You need a tool that can quickly and easily capture data about every single customer you have, so you can then use that data intelligently to grow your business.

You Require an Email Marketing Provider Invested in The Future.

Keap is backed by a few big investment capital firms. They’re here for the long haul and will continue improving their software for years and decades to come.

You Need an All-in-One Solution

Until you can afford a complete tech team of programmers and developers, you need a system that can do it all for you. From processing credit cards to generating CRM sales reports, this is your ace in the hole. Schedule a free call with one of our marketing experts, today!

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