Our Services

Client acquisition and retention is our specialty

Research-focused strategies, with heart

Brains, Brawn, Branding

Everything at BDEC starts with understanding you, your law firm and your client. We know where they are and how to connect them with your brand.  We work on building and nurturing relationships, ensuring excellent experiences, and tracking interactions. 

Business Planning and Strategizing

If there is an opportunity to be had, we will help you find it. If something isn't working, we want you to know.

Website Design

Your site design isn't just about looking good. We make sure your site has a great foundation and works with other systems to save you time and bring you business.

Lead Generation

Turning your specific audience into interested leads by providing several avenues for you to engage with them.

Search Engine Optimization

Let's be real, You need to be found on Google. We make sure your site competes with fresh, relevant, authoritative content and smart formatting that makes the algorithms happy.

CRM Integration

Business is about relationships. If you aren't already using a CRM to manage them, we believe you should be. In most cases and we can get you set up.

Direct Mail

You thought print was dead? Strategically executed to the right recipient, at the right time, direct mail marketing sets you apart and gets you noticed.

Pay Per Click

Paying to get clicks is just one tool in our toolkit. Good research and a strong lead nurturing process means your investment in web traffic pays dividends.

Social Media Management

The most targeted advertising finds the right customers the first time. Everyone is on social media, so why not drive them back to your website?

Reputation Building & Protection

People are going to talk. People also depend on reviews when making a decision to work with you. We help build and protect your reputation.