5 Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

legal marketing and lawyer websites

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Lawyers are always looking for ways to market their law firms and attract new clients.  In an area where attorneys can be viewed as a dime a dozen, it’s important to set yourself apart and give your firm that competitive edge.  Here are 5 legal marketing strategies that can help you stand out, reach more potential clients and grow your business. (You’ll notice in this blog that a functioning and informative law firm website will be mentioned quite a few times. There’s a reason for that.)

Marketing Strategy #1:

Create a website that is easy to navigate and provides all the necessary information about your firm.

Most attorneys underestimate how powerful a website is.  Your law firm website can make or break if you’re going to truly succeed in the business.  I know that sounds dramatic, but let’s discuss this.  When someone needs an attorney where is the first place they go?  Google….am I right?  If they go and google “personal injury attorney”, and your website doesn’t show up, they’re not going to go searching for you.  Instead, they’re going to visit the first couple websites that do pop up. 

If your website isn’t popping up on the first page, your website is just sitting in the back collecting dust, lonely with no visitors-ie: no business for you.  If you have a powerful, interactive, easy to navigate, informative website that has the resources to give the website visitor everything they’re looking for then Google will say “Hey, this is relevant website, let’s bump them up and give them more visibility.” 

Having a powerful website speaks volumes of your business and reputation as a lawyer.  This is your virtual business card and you have the opportunity of handing this business card out to several hundred people a month (or more) …but only if your site is made for the people.

Your goal for your law firm website should be to be the go-to website for anyone who has a legal question in your field.  It needs to contain the answers to their questions, exclusively state how YOU can help them, and offer several avenues for them to leave you their information so you can contact them and assure them YOU can help them.

Marketing Strategy #2:  Develop a social media strategy and make sure your website is linked to your social media profiles.

In many of my blog posts you will hear me say “Your website is your castle and social media is the best vehicle to drive your visitors to your castle.”  Your website and social media go hand in hand.  By effectively using social media to brand yourself, reach as many people as possible (and let’s face it…there are billions of users on social media EVERYDAY, so your chances of reaching the people you need to get your message across to is possible.  In addition, social media is free.  So why not take advantage of this free tool to reach as many people as possible and drive them back to your new, non-crappy website?

But like everything else, if your social media is inactive, not providing relevant or captivating information, people are just going to keep on scrolling without batting an eye at your sporadic “Hey, I’m an attorney.” post.  You need engaging social media posts. 

Another important piece of information to know is that if you are not posting on social media every day, the social media algorithms basically say “hey, this is boring stuff, we’re only going to show this post to maybe 5 of the 400 followers you have.”  If people are not engaging, “liking, commenting, sharing” your content, social media will once again say “Hey, this is lame…. we’re not going to bore people by showing this post to very many people.”

Your social media content needs to have the following factors:

  1. Show your authority in your field and your community
  2. Engagement with your audience
  3. Content people would want to share (something informational, motivating, inspiring, funny, etc)
  4. Relatable- You’re not just an attorney, you’re a mom, a dad, a dog lover, an avid comic book enthusiast- whatever!  People gravitate to people they can relate to
  5. Plant the seed for referrals or ask for the business
  6. Informative- Post something that teaches your audience something they didn’t know.  People who know more feel empowered, and people tend to trust the ones who make them feel empowered.
  7. Prove your reputation- but let others do the talking.  Posting testimonials and showing people what others have to say about you, is powerful in the aspect of swaying your audience to choose to retain your services or refer you to someone they know who is looking for legal services.Make use of search engine optimization techniques to ensure your website appears near the top of search results for relevant keywords

Marketing Strategy #3: This goes back to showing up on the google search… 

Your attorney website must contain keywords and relevance to what the person is searching for.  If your SEO is not set up effectively on your website, have fun chilling in the back row watching other law firms get all your business. 

Marketing Strategy #4: Write articles and blog posts about legal topics that will be of interest to potential clients

Blog posts about legal topics are so beneficial to you, your website, and your audience.  This is also another way to build SEO on your firm’s website.  This all boils down to educating and empowering your audience.  Familiar with the phrase “The more you know…”?  Well, this is a great way to 1. Educate and empower your audience 2.  Show your authority in your field and your knowledge/experience as an attorney and 3. Build that virtual rapport.  You have to build that virtual trust with your audience, so they make that move to either submit their information or call you for that consultation.  

Marketing Strategy #5: Network with lawyers who practice in different areas.

This is a great way to build a referral base.  If you’re a probate attorney and you know a personal injury attorney who you trust- let them know you are happy to send your referrals to that PI attorney and request, they keep you front of mind when a client of theirs needs your services.  These kinds of relationships are great as you can also share each other’s content on each other’s social media pages, law firm websites, etc.  (BTW- google really likes it when you have outgoing links on your website to other relevant websites)

BDEC is here to help with your law firm marketing strategies.

We know that growing your law firm is hard. That’s why our marketing team is committed to making it easier by creating websites you’ll be proud to show off, with intuitive navigation so customers can find what they need quickly – without any hassle from complicated layouts or overwhelming functionality. We consider all aspects when designing attorney websites for conversions-to ensure there’s something valuable on every page.  Not only are we great at websites, but we also have experience in growing law firms from the ground up, so be sure to ask about our marketing packages and coaching, as well!

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