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At BDEC Marketing, we understand that you’re looking to grow your law firm or reduce your overhead. We bring the experience and the desire to do both. By making smart investments in your sales and customer experience management tools, tracking leads and converting at a higher rate, BDEC improves your overall business’ health and sustainability.

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By focusing on people first, we improve results!

BDEC Marketing group is a group of marketing professionals who are passionate about helping small law firms punch above their weight. We realize that consumers have more businesses fighting for their attention than ever before in human history, and that it’s hard for them to filter out the noise. BDEC does just that. We help get your message crystal clear, and then target it to the people most ready to hear it and most likely to want or need your product. 

Why do we do this? We do it because we still believe in Main Street. So, who does this mean we want to serve? We look to help small and medium law firms (10 to 250 employees) who need help getting some of their business processes in place. Good candidates to work with BDEC might already have a website that is underperforming, or might only have a domain pointed to a Facebook page that has started collecting dust. What really matters is that a law firm is open to consulting and suggestions, willing to learn how to use new technologies (we can teach), and motivated to grow and provide amazing customer experiences.

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By focusing on people first, we improve results!

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