Why Lawyers are choosing the BDEC Experience.

Here for you, Here with you

Bring shock and awe into our customer service.

Going above and beyond to meet and exceed client expectations because we want our clients to have an amazing experience.

We Think outside the box.

Unlike other law firm marketing companies, we don’t provide the same mundane services in the same ordinary fashion.

We implement creative and effective strategies to earn your customer’s attention and keep it.

When our clients win, we win.

Our ultimate goal is to equip small law firms with the resources, direction, and services they need to succeed.  Because if you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

Honesty. Creativity. Adventure.

We want our work to make you proud. We’re on this adventure with you. 

Because BDEC is a no BS Zone, you get full transparency.

BDEC’s mission is to help law firms reach their potential by efficiently marketing to their future customers through unique lead generation and conversion strategies.

The Faces Behind our Success

Because at BDEC, we are passionate at work and play.

Heather Sanchez
Graphic Design

Brittney Inman

CEO & Founder

With more than a decade of experience in Marketing and PR in the legal field, Brittney Inman decided to create her own values-driven agency providing marketing services to other law firms.  She is a seasoned marketer passionate about helping other law firms thrive.  Because she believes in nurturing the relationships between her clients and their businesses, her work has shown great results for the clients she serves.
Brittney loves traveling the world with her kids and watching scary movies.

Michael Beatie

director, customer success

With over 10 years managing success for customers in the United States and Latin America, Michael is solutions-focused and obsessed with finding a better way. 
While living in Mexico, he opened a small barbecue restaurant and spends his winters snowboarding with his wife and kids.

Heather Sanchez

Graphic Design

Heather Sanchez

With a degree in Psychology and a minor in Mass Communications, Heather is excited to dive into the legal marketing world with BDEC.  She loves being able to merge creativity with work.  In her free time, Heather loves to be in the outdoors, going on long runs, or playing with her two pups.