10 Things Your Marketing Manager Should Know

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Believe it or not, the most important aspect of your business is your marketing.  How much you invest into your marketing will reflect in how successful your practice is.  Many attorneys will hire the cheapest marketing manager they can find and this person may be a pro in posting on social media or helping to design a pretty website, but as the former marketing director for one of the most successful family law firms in Houston, Texas, I am going to tell you exactly what you need for a successful marketing department an what your marketing manager needs to know.

Website Design: Does your marketing manager understand all elements that are needed on your website?  Ways to convert those website visitors into actual prospective clients who will commit to let you represent them in their legal case?  It is imperative your marketing manager understands lead magnets, scheduling apps, increased information collection, chat bots, etc. 

It is also important they understand the organic use of SEO and how to build SEO intuitively into your  website.  Google likes websites which are relevant and if your website isn’t relevant, Google is less inclined to show your law firm’s website in the search results.  How do you show relevance?  The longer the website visitor stays on your website, the more the visitor clicks through to other pages on your website, the more that visitor comes back to your website.  This tells Google your website is a resource to people searching for the services they are looking for.  
Make your website an intuitive and interactive resource for people who are needing help with their legal case.  Interacting with other reputable websites with high traffic and incorporating them into your website strategy tells Google you are in good company.  This is just a fraction of what your marketing manager needs to know about a functioning and effective website.

Social Media: They are not there to just schedule an appointment, because let’s face it, people no-show all the time.  Does your marketing manager know how train your intake team in establishing a relationship where that caller becomes invested which increases the likeliness of them committing to that appointment and keeping that appointment?  This strategy alone will increase your revenue, and likely double your revenue in a month.

Does your marketing manager know about email marketing? Do they know how to build out an effective CRM and then ensure it is maintained consistently and effectively being utilized?

Does your marketing manager understand the importance of video marketing?

This is only a list of 10 items to look for in a marketing manager.  There are so many other aspects of marketing your law firm that would take me a month to write out, so this is a start.  Whether you have a marketing manager or you’re trying to do it all on your own, these are 10 things you, at the attorney, needs to know about effectively marketing your law firm.  Most attorneys with a marketing manager have to hire others to do the bits and pieces the marketing manager isn’t experienced doing.  With BDEC, we become your ultimate marketing manager.  We either work with the marketing manager you currently have to help them become the best they can be and get your marketing done right, or we fully manage the marketing aspects of your business for you at a much more affordable price than hiring on an employee.

With BDEC Marketing Group, you get a team of experts who are proficient in all areas of marketing and have a history of growing law firms exponentially.

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